Thursday, June 22, 2017

Up to $6,000 Over KBB Value For Your Trade

Do you feel trapped in your current vehicle?

Many consumers find themselves in a situation where they owe more money on their current vehicle than it is worth. This is called negative equity. Whether you need to trade your vehicle because of mechanical issues, a new child is born, you want better fuel economy, or you just simply want a new ride; negative equity can be a burden.

Here at Steve Marsh Ford, we understand, and can help. Our low overhead cost and high volume of sales puts us in a unique position to help you. Over and over again we are able to offer our customers more money for their trade than others are willing to pay. We take into consideration many different things when we appraise your vehicle. We do more than just simply look up a book value. Market conditions, vehicle demands, and factory rebates or incentives play a huge role in determining the value of your car or truck. By applying these 3 factors, we are able to offer you more money for your vehicle than just the book value. More money helps to greatly reduce effects of negative equity or eliminate it totally. At this point we are in a much better position with the banks to secure financing for your new vehicle with better finance rates and a payment that fits your budget.

Being fair to our customers by offering you the most money for your trade is just one reason why our business continues to grow year after year. We look forward to serving you soon!    

Friday, April 21, 2017

Automotive Financing

Automotive financing

If you would like a new or pre-owned car to make your life easier but you don't think you can get financing, we have good news for you. We can provide 100 percent financing, so you never need to walk into a bank. 

What You Need to Know About Car Financing

When you want a new Ford car, truck or SUV but you have a low credit score, you may think you don't qualify for financing. However, with 100 percent dealership financing from Steve Marsh, you'll get help to find the type of financing that fits your financial position. Unlike a bank, we are in a position to provide special deals that can be customized for you. 

Before you start looking at the new Fords and pre-owned cars at Steve Marsh, you should have in mind the amount you are ready to spend. This not only includes the total price of the vehicle but also the monthly payments. With your budget in mind, you can avoid shopping for cars that your finances cannot handle.

Understand Your Credit Options

Your credit score is important to determine the interest rate you will pay for a car loan. People with high credit scores pay lower interest rates. We recommend that you find out your credit score to enter the financing stage with no surprises. The credit agencies are required by law to give you your credit report if you ask. We can also get this information for you. 

If you approach a lending institution before consulting us, your credit score will be checked. Multiple checks on your credit may have a detrimental effect on your score. Since we are in the business of selling cars, your car financing can be arranged much faster than with other lenders. 

Things to Consider About Car Financing

We have access to a wider selection of financing institutions and options than you do on your own, and we may be able to find a lower interest rate and monthly payment. Here are two things to keep in mind:

• When we deal with financial institutions, there are several ways we can negotiate a lower interest
rate for you.

• We make sure you get the best deal possible without extended loan terms and higher down payments.

Steve Marsh is ready to help you qualify for financing for your new Ford.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Three Surprising Facts About Henry Ford

Henry Ford revolutionized the automotive industry. His accomplishments often outweigh who he was as a person outside of the corporate realm. Although his success as a leader and innovator are well documented, he was also a man that wore many hats. Here’s a look at three fun facts about the industrial pioneer.

1. He Did Not Invent the Modern Car

Despite popular belief, Henry Ford didn’t invent cars with his famous Model T; he just made them affordable and could keep up with the demand thanks to mass production. That is still a significant part of the Ford identity, and many dealerships offer financing options to continue to make cars accessible.

2. ‘Fordlandia’ Was an Actual Thing

Soon after he found success with the Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford purchased land in the middle of the Amazon. The purpose was to build a city called ‘Fordlandia’ that would be known for providing manufacturers with rubber. However, Fordlandia never became a reality and the land remains vacant.

3. He Wanted World Peace

Most people want world peace, but Henry Ford went after it. In 1915 he began a journey to Europe by sea on a peace mission. The media did not support the idea and called it the “Ship of Fools.”

The Triumph of Henry Ford

As the "father of mass production," Henry Ford may always be known for creating the first affordable automobile. Thanks to his creative ideas, today his company is an innovative powerhouse of the automotive industry—one that continues to push boundaries and re-invent the wheel.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ford's First Model T: An American Classic

The lineup found at a modern Ford dealer owes everything to the original Model T, America's own "Tin Lizzie." Its high production rate meant that affordable car ownership became possible for generations of Americans.

How and Where Was It Made?

Henry Ford's game-changing assembly line concept made making the Model T a rapid process. Between 1908 and 1927, plants turned out more than 15 million Model T's in Detroit and Highland Park, Michigan as well as in Manchester, England and other parts of Europe.

What Made the Model T So Special?

Ford wanted the car to be affordable and a practical method of transportation. The Model T was also durable, versatile, and easy to maintain. While, for the first few years, Model T's were only available in black, more colors were added later.

The "Tin Lizzie" could reach speeds of around 40–45 miles per hour and had a 20 horsepower engine. The 10-gallon fuel tank could be found under the front seat. Since it relied on gravity to reach the engine, the Model T often had to tackle steep inclines backward.

Ask any Ford dealer—they will say the Model T was a major milestone in American auto history.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Incredible Driving Range of Ford C-Max Energi

The Ford C-Max Energi is almost like two cars in one. For short rides around town, it operates as an all-electric plug-in vehicle, perfect for running errands without using any fuel. For longer trips, the hybrid engine offers excellent fuel economy and a range perfect for those great American road trips.

Electric Range

Fully charged, the Ford C-Max Energi has a driving range of 19 miles. The car's 7.6 kilowatt-hours battery is smaller than some of its competitors, which means it can be filled up easier and faster. With the car's onboard charger plugged into a standard 240-volt outlet (the kind that services a dryer or water heater), the electric battery will fully recharge in under three hours.

Fuel Range

With a charged battery on the highway, the car uses a combination of gas and electricity with a mileage rating of 88 mpg. Once the battery is completely drained, the Energi operates like a traditional hybrid with a fuel economy of 40 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway. With a full tank and a full charge the Ford C-Max Energi has a range of 550 miles; that's Nashville to New Orleans on a single tank!

Friday, September 30, 2016

2017 Ford Fusion Updates and Upgrades

Ford engineers have been busy incorporating a number of new features into the 2017 Fusion. Several appealing updates in both design and technology make this vehicle a great choice.


Engineers have provided a slight modification along the lower edge of front headlamps. The Sport, Titanium, and Platinum models also have new LED features, including low, high, and fog beams.

Front Grille

Modifications to the front grille have resulted in a longer, flush grill that blends with the surrounding body. Some models have a black finish while others have a chrome finish.

Shift Lever

This model eliminates the standard vertical shift lever, instead integrating a rotary dial that lets drivers move between park, reverse, neutral, and drive. This design clears the center console for other tech gadgets such as the USB charging port.

Luxury Features

Upgraded trim packages have made their way to the 2017 Fusion. Continuously controlled dampers enhance handling and ride quality.

With these updates to the 2017 Ford Fusion, consumers may find renewed excitement about this vehicle.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Celebrities Who Love Ford Mustangs

The original mustangs, wild horses that broke away from their masters, are a symbol of an unbridled American spirit. The Ford Mustang embodies that unbroken spirit, which explains why it's so popular with celebrities. Here are a few celebs who have owned one of these luxury cars.

Charlie Sheen

This Hollywood bad boy has owned several Mustangs, including a gorgeous 1966 GT. In 2011, he auctioned it off for charity; it garnered a whopping $300,000!

Jim Morrison

The Doors front man drove a ’67 Shelby GT 500, a gift from Elektra records, which was reportedly the only car the entertainer ever owned. According to the Morrison mythos, the car disappeared after an accident and has never resurfaced.

Jay Leno

This former late night host is a well-known car collector. Among his prized collection of luxury cars is a well maintained 1965 Shelby 350 GT.

President Bill Clinton

President Clinton bought a 1967 Mustang convertible that he drove when he was Governor of Arkansas. It was clearwater aqua with a white rag top, and he has said it was the toughest thing to leave behind when he moved into the White House.